IGNITE is located in Muskegon, on the western lakeshore of Michigan. We are a marketing agency that works with businesses of all sizes, at their pace.

We come up with creative and compelling marketing materials that over time, help to expand our clients’ business. We are not driven by large marketing budgets, those can be intimidating. Instead we produce materials as needed by the client while keeping their bottom line one of our top priorities.

IGNITE is a marketing agency that produces effective marketing and advertising solutions without unnecessary extras. IGNITE takes pride in the work we create and are committed to consistently going the extra mile for our clients.

It’s the in-tune mixture of our four unique brand qualities that give us the one-up on the competition: Honesty, Intellectual Creativity, Dedication, & Multifaceted Capabilities.

01. Honesty

Honesty – we will give it to you straight. We don’t believe in unnecessary extras and won’t pitch them to our clients. Transparency is a key element in the successful relationships we’ve built over the years. With honesty comes peace-of-mind that the relationship becomes more built on becoming a team, than simply the bottom line. Put us to work for your brand, you’ll like the results, honestly.

03. Dedicated

Dedicated – IGNITE will correctly execute each task of every project as efficiently as possible (because after all, we bill by the hour and constantly keep your bottom line in mind), and we strive to exceed expectations… every time.

02. Intellectual Creativity

Intellectual Creativity – There are right-brained people. There are left-brained people. Once in a great while you’ll find a group that can balance the critical “tight-rope” in the middle. We will not design simply for design’s sake. Everything we produce is carefully & meticulously infused with marketing savvy. That is an essential trait you don’t run into as often as you’d think in our industry.

04. Multifaceted Capabilities

Multifaceted Capabilities – IGNITE has run the gambit of almost all traditional forms of marketing over the years. In addition, we’ve progressed and adapted to today’s modern forms as well. Our arsenal is rife with creative solutions.