Virtually every agency claims to be a ‘branding expert’. But, are their solutions practical? Or affordable?

The ones from IGNITE are.

We’ve developed brands for everyone from small manufacturers to large retailers. In every case, we’ve leveraged our client’s unique advantages, while working within their budgetary boundaries.

The result? Brands that:

  • Attract and retain attention
  • Build awareness and enhance perceptions
  • Speak to the target market and its needs
  • Differentiate our clients from competing brands

There’s a lot more to brand development than a cool logo and catchy tagline. That’s why IGNITE is happy to discuss your branding needs in a free, no-cost evaluation.

Your brand is your biggest marketing asset. With IGNITE’s help, you can maximize its value, and its impact it has on your customers, prospects – and competition.


Advertisers have discovered that “brands are back”. But finding their brand’s own unique qualities and differences has been difficult. It seems everyone has a lot of brandspeak, but few tools. We do… IGNITE’s proprietary Brand Development process. IGNITE specializes in helping our clients differentiate themselves and their brands from their competitors.

We utilize a simple, proven procedure. It’s designed to differentiate your brand by focusing back on the brand instead of the audience. This is where we focus inside; examine the advertiser, their history, products, people, and culture. In other words, we explore and discover the essence of the brand. Once clarified, we can then, and only then, develop a distinctive brand identity.

Now, by offering customers the added value of a unique brand, you will more easily be your customer’s preferred brand. And go to market maximizing those benefits.

Let us help you find your brand difference. Learn more about Brand Development and then call us at 616) 301-5050.


What does Brand Development mean? Brand Development is our unique approach of discovering your company’s brand essence. Most companies spend their time looking into the market to determine what their customers want from them. While this is an important thing to do, it is only a part of the process of creating a strong brand identity. Our brand development process is a proprietary method of turning our focus and looking within. By focusing on your company’s products, services, history, people, culture, and personality – combined with specific market research – we are able to discover what makes your business unique in the world market.

How does the Brand Development process work? The process takes about a half-day and involves a key group of people from your company. IGNITE will facilitate a review of various topics as they relate to your company and the way you do business. As these topics are discussed, everything is documented. This is the first half of the session. After a short break, the information gathered in the first half is filtered to discover those characteristics that are totally unique from your competition. At the end of the session, we will have a list of four UBQ’s (Unique Brand Qualities).

Who attends? Three to five people from your company should be selected. They should include the President, head of Marketing, and other high-ranking company officials. In addition, three people from IGNITE will be present to facilitate.

Where does it take place? To avoid distraction, the meeting will occur at a neutral site away from both your place of business and IGNITE or in a special facility created just for this purpose at our office location.

Should I prepare or bring anything with me? No. Just bring yourself and an open mind.

What is the mood? Very relaxed and casual. Everyone present is encouraged to speak up and participate without fear of rejection or criticism. The process turns into a very interesting, lively, and enlightening discussion. Refreshments are provided.

How should I dress? Casual. Absolutely no ties allowed.

How long does it last? The goal is to have this initial meeting wrapped up within four hours.

What happens at the end of the day? At the end of the initial Brand Development meeting, we make sure that the entire group agrees with the list of UBQ’s and marching orders, and then we all go home. IGNITE then begins the process of reviewing outside marketing data and turning the session information into a marketable brand identity.

What kinds of information or materials will I have when the process is completely done? After several weeks, the group will meet again. IGNITE will present creative materials (logo options and tagline options) that personify your company’s brand essence. In addition, each attendee will receive a report containing the outcome of the Brand Discovery exercise, valuable market research, a positioning strategy, a positioning statement, and a full complement of creative materials.

Can IGNITE help me set up a comprehensive marketing plan? Yes. If you are interested in developing a clear road map for implementing your company’s brand through advertising, digital marketing, and other forms of marketing communications, IGNITE can help. In addition to writing the plan, we can develop tactics and manage your marketing communications program.