To build sales week in and week out, you need to be in front of your customers when they want to buy. Great advertising does just that.

There’s still an essential role for print and broadcast advertising in many marketing plans. With decades of advertising and PR experience, we know what will (and won’t) work for our clients — especially in this digital age.

Options such as direct mail are still effective. With a targeted list and the right message, direct mail can be extremely effective. It reaches out and provides customers with the information they need for making the purchase decision today.

Also, share the news with your customer or dealer with a new product sales sheet, or re-launch a product with updated sales information. The perfect answer when a brochure is “too much”.

Product catalogs are another powerful option. Many businesses still need product brochures and catalogs that customers can quickly access to find the product they need.

Newsletters don’t have to be online only. Introducing a new product? Need better dealer support? Newsletters are a great way to build relationships and get the word out quickly.